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Group Plans
Group Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare Solutions Team offers Benefit Packages for business small to large (2-499 employees) with seasoned HST agents guiding your team to the right combination of benefits and services to best meet your company’s collective needs.

Our comprehensive packages offer the best of group benefits while allowing your employees the ability to customize on a personal level to addresses all facets of your employees’ health and well-being. HST agents offer personalized service to better support you and your employees so they may realize better health outcomes, increased savings, and the best overall healthcare experience possible.

Network Value

It’s a good time to understand your network value and explore competitive benefits to better support your staff, protect employee health and invest in long-term well-being.

Integrated Plans

HST agents make things simple with a national portfolio of plans and custom designs with benefits administration packages to assure universal support and employee satisfaction.

Stable Costs

Ensure your rates are foreseeable and as expected with concise bundled products offering multiple funding options, wellness programs, stop-loss protections and more.

Reach out today and let an HST agent design a “perfect-fit” solution package for your business. Ask us about our free benefits comparison or review the differences between Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) and our hybrid POS plans.

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